Terms and Conditions

1. General 

Conditions of the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) sets out the rules for the operation of an online store (the sklep) operated under the name of the e-bluray.com.pl conditions and the conclusion and implementation of a sales contract concluded through our catalog by PH Maciej Zalewski (the seller) from buyers. 
These Regulations shall become part of the contract between the seller and buyer. Online Shop is operated by the seller acting under the name The company Economics Maciej Zalewski, located in Warsaw at ul. Copper 10, as recorded by the President m.st. Warsaw under number 233581, the number of NIP PL 527-015-52-58, REGON number 011024940. 
Online Shop is operated at: www.e-bluray.com.pl 

2. Registered User 

The conclusion of the contract of sale with the seller through the eBay Buyer registration is correct and, in particular, but not limited to, the proper fulfillment by the purchaser in the registration form. 
In a properly completed registration form should give the buyer the following: 
Name and surname; 
Address of residence; 
E-delivery of goods; 
Phone Purchasers; 
E-mail address. 
Proper registration will be confirmed by the message system with the correct completion of the registration process. The seller is not responsible for any harm resulting from the incorrectness, nieaktualności or incorrectness of information supplied by the purchaser on the registration form, caused in particular but not exclusively, by giving the wrong address or contact reception. 

3. Placing of the order and Checkout 

To place an order buyer should specify the product, which intend to purchase the product by adding to its "shopping cart". The cart must be at least 1 art goods. 
The making of the contract by the customer by selecting the "order now" available in his cart. 
After placing an order, the system automatically sends to the customer at his e-mail confirmation of the order. In confirmation of information can be found at: 
- Names of goods, their quantity and price; 
- The date of submission of the contract, the contract number; 
- How the supply and its cost; 
- The address from which you can submit claims relating to the goods ordered. 
Transmission order to carry out, is to deliver the goods the buyer is made within one business day after the confirmation of the buyer to send the order without prejudice to paragraph. 7. 
Until the contract to carry out, the buyer can change or cancel an order. After this date change or cancellation of the contract is impossible. 
Transmission of the goods might be delayed for the following reasons: 

- The lack of goods in a warehouse; 
- The need to prepare to deliver the goods in connection with its characteristics in use; 
- A computer system error. 

In the case referred to in paragraph. 7 The seller is obliged to immediately inform the customer about the delay of the expected date of the transaction by e-mail or phone contact. 
In the event that the goods will cease to be available in the market, the seller promptly inform the purchaser of this fact. Purchaser shall have the power in this case the goods ordered to change or cancel the order. 

4. Payment 

The buyer should pay the price for the goods ordered through the following forms of payment: 
Download - Payment is when you receive goods from the courier / postman, into the hands of the courier / postman; 
Transfer - the transfer payment, the Seller to a bank account 15 1240 5918 1111 0000 4910 5614 
Card payment - bank transfer by using the credit card type Visa, MasterCard and American Express; payment shall be deemed to be made upon authorization of the card. 
On payment of the price consists of goods and the cost of delivery. 
The cost of delivery is consistent with the information given on the Store. 
In the event that the buyer has chosen as a payment card or bank transfer payment, the seller of the goods shall kurierowi to the contract, ie to its delivery to the buyer, upon payment by the purchaser. 
In the event that the buyer failed to make payment within 21 days from the date of the contract seller is entitled to cancel the contract. 

5. Provision of goods 

Goods will be delivered to the place indicated on the registration form as an address of receipt. 
Time of delivery to the customer between the date of the product is determined to achieve against each product. It can not be longer than 21 days. 
Delivery of the goods through UPS courier service or through the normal postal. 
Supply of goods only on weekdays from 9.00 am to 17.00 on Saturdays and in the case of the postal item from 9.00 am to 13.00. 
Entitled to receive the goods or the buyer is a person authorized by him. 
When a buyer finds for the removal of mechanical damage of the goods indicating its destruction or incompleteness, the buyer is entitled to refuse acceptance of goods. 
For the refusal of the effectiveness of the product buyer should complete the relevant documents. Failure of these documents shall be deemed acceptance of goods by the purchaser. 

6. Special rights which the purchaser-consumer 

In accordance with applicable law, enter into contracts with the consumer at a distance, by means of distance communication, Purchaser within the meaning of those rules, whether a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract. 
To withdraw from the contract comes from the purchaser by submitting a written statement of withdrawal. 
The declaration of withdrawal may be made to vendors within 10 days counted from the date of the Purchaser to provide the goods. On the effectiveness of withdrawal is not required to provide reasons for buyers in a statement of withdrawal. 
Goods may be returned only if it has not been used, damaged, or destroyed, and is technically complete and is in its original packaging. 
As a result of the withdrawal by the buyer from the contract, it is obliged to immediately return the goods at its own expense, the Seller, together with the VAT invoice issued by the seller for the goods, under the "return". 
The law shall not be granted in cases of sales of goods that are audialnymi and visual recordings, and media programs stored on the computer when the buyer removes their original packaging (eg foil), as well as goods which are changing rapidly deteriorate. 
The seller returns the price of the Purchaser by the account specified by the purchaser in a statement of withdrawal. Reimbursement will be within 14 days of receipt of the goods before the seller. 

7. Complaints 

In accordance with the provisions of the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions for consumer sales, the seller shall be liable to the Purchaser as a consumer, the goods for non-compliance with the contract at the time of delivery the buyer. 
In the case of non-conformity, the buyer may request to bring the product into line with the contract for a free repair or replacement of a new, except that the repair or replacement of a new product is impossible or require extra costs. 
If the Purchaser in accordance with the provisions of paragraph. 2 may not require either repair or replacement, or if the seller fails to make such a request is satisfied in a timely manner, or if the repair or replacement narażałyby significant inconvenience to the buyer, he has the right to call for an appropriate price reduction or rescind the contract, the contract can not waived if the non-consumption goods with the contract is irrelevant. 
Complaints must be submitted via the postal item to the address of the seller: FH Maciej Zalewski ul. Copper 10, 00-814 Warsaw 

Filing a complaint is confirmed by sending e-mail information about the buyer complaint containing, inter alia, the number of complaints. 

8. Privacy Policy 

The seller is entitled to the processing of personal data Purchaser to the extent that it is essential to carry out the contract of sale between the parties. 
Any personal data Purchaser within the meaning of the Law on the Protection of personal data, which the seller collects and processes to the extent specified in point. 1, will be stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. 
Purchasers of personal data vendor does not provide any third party in any form. 
In accordance with the provisions of the Act referred to in point. 2, Purchasers shall have the right to access, update and correct their data processed by the vendor. 

9. Final 

In matters not covered by these rules will be used in the first place the Civil Code and special laws governing the sale of consumer. 
In case of discrepancies or disputes regarding the provisions of the Rules of the Parties undertake to resolve them on the court. In the event that these efforts did not produce the results have jurisdiction to settle the dispute, the court will be the seat of the local vendors. 
Regulations and a statement of withdrawal is also available at an online store, and in a format that allows you to copy by the purchaser. 
Regulations came into force on 1 April 2009.