What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray Disc (BD) – konkurencyjny dla HD DVD format zapisu optycznego, opracowany przez Blu-Blu-ray Disc (BD) - compete with the HD DVD optical recording format, developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). Successor of DVD. There are higher capacity than DVD, which is possible by using a blue laser. 

This new type of media allows you to store 25GB of data on CD single. The service is also double-layer disc with a capacity of 50 GB. There are plates czterowarstwowe coming to 100 GB and ośmiowarstwowe where you can save 200 GB of information. Pioneer, however, patented disc szesnastowarstwową that up to 400 GB of data. To write to the medium blue laser is used (in nagrywarkach DVD using a red laser). 

The major difference between these lasers is the wavelength - red is 650 or 635 nm (nanometers), while the blue only 405 nm. The smaller wavelength allows for a reduction in the size of pitów, and thus gives the possibility for finer recording data on an area of the media. 

Blu-ray Disc has two layers: the first with a thickness of 1.1 mm, the other - recordable - with a thickness of 0.1 mm. Minimum length of pit is 0.15 microns. The interval between tracks is 0.32 mm, a laser spot diameter is 0.48 microns. BD-ROM drive requires a special, strong layer of protection for the track record, which lies at a depth of only 0.1 mm. 

On the need to produce a CD for 10 seconds. 

There are versions of BD-ROM (Read Only Memory), BD-R (Recordable) and BD-RE (REwritable to 1000 records).